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Saturday, April 14, 2007

With the #1 pick the Raiders Select...........

With the draft just around the corner there are only two realistic options with the first overall pick. Let's examine each of these options.

Why we should draft Calvin Johnson
1) Quarterbacks take time to develop. Taking Russell would leave us with a guy who wouldn't be ready to start for a couple years. QBs only have about a 50% chance of panning out.

2) Johnson is one of the best WR prospects in 10 years. He has all the tools and a great attitude and work ethic.

3) It would make us much more likely to trade Randy Moss

Why we should draft Jemarcus Russell
1) We need a franchise Quarterback. If Russell pans out, it would leave us with a Quarterback to lead us for years.

2) Russell has amazing talent. He can throw the ball further than almost any QB in the league.

3) New coaching regimes often draft a new Quarterback to give themselves a little more time to get their systems installed.

My Choice
I would be more comfortable drafting Calvin Johnson. Most great quarterbacks have had a great receiver to get them going. I think we'd be better off drafting Johnson this year and going after a Quarterback next season.


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4/17/2007 3:34 AM  
Blogger Tyson said...

I gotta say take Russell. You have a franchise wideout in Randy Moss, if he's that much of a problem get rid of him. But Porter was the one who was beefin' wit Art.

4/18/2007 5:28 PM  
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