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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Oakland Raiders 2006 Schedule Analysis

As promised, today I will show you how the Raiders are going to win 10 games this offseason. Let's look at the schedule game by game and see what will happen. Any analysis this early is unlikely to hold true but predictions are what the offseason is all about.

OAK vs. SD Sept. 11

The Raiders will open against San Diego at home on a Monday night. I picked the Raiders to win this game. Rivers will struggle in his NFL debut and the Raiders always play better in Prime Time. I would really like to see Michael Huff pick off a Rivers pass and take it the distance but we'll see.
WIN 1-0

OAK @ BAL Sept. 17

Even with Steve McNair, the Ravens still don't have any offensive weapons. Lewis is done and Mike Anderson is a product of Denver's system. Aaron Brooks will most likely throw an INT or two against this talented defense but the Raiders will still pull out the victory in the end.
WIN 2-0


The evil week three bye. Good thing we have a young team.

OAK vs. CLE Oct. 1

Cleveland is a team that has a lot of talent for the future, but this still won't be their year. Give Edwards, Winslow, and Frye another couple years and they will form a strong offensive nucleus but the Raiders will take them in this game.
WIN 3-0

OAK @ SF Oct. 8

The battle of the bays, it probably won't be as hyped as it has been in the past because both teams have struggled in recent years, but the locals will enjoy it. SF is improving but the Raiders will dominate them. Look for Burgess and Johnstone to get some pressure on the rookie and watch Michael Huff match up with fellow rookie Vernon Davis.
WIN 4-0

OAK @ DEN Oct. 15

Playing in Denver against the defending divisional champs is always tough. This will be a classic AFC West game but the Raiders won't be able to pull it out in the end.
LOSE 4-1

OAK VS. ARI Oct. 22

Arizona is one of the most improved teams in the league after a tremendous offseason, but Edge isn't quite as good as his Indy numbers make him appear and Warner is sliding downhill fast. If Leinert is in by this point of the season, he will have the usual rookie struggles.
WIN 5-1

OAK VS. PIT Oct. 29

The defending Super Bowl champs are coming to town. We should be able to compete and keep the game within reach but the champs will win it in the end.
LOSE 5-2

OAK @ SEA Nov. 5

Thats right, we play the two Super Bowl teams back-to-back. This game could really go either way, especially of Seatle has the infamous Super Bowl hangover but I have to give them the benefit of the doubt and say that they will edge the Raiders this week.
LOSE 5-3

OAK vs. DEN Nov. 12

Uh-oh, we've lost two straight and the analysts are shouting "THE RAIDERS ARE DONE!!!." We'll just have to use the same spring board we used in our most recent Super Bowl run, that's right....The Donkeys. Our team will really click and the Donkey's won't know what hit them.
WIN 6-3

OAK @ KC Nov. 19

KC will suprise us and LJ (Johnson not Jordan) will run wild in front of the Arrowhead crowd. This will be a typical Raiders-Cheifs matchup and the game will be lost in the last 20 seconds.
LOSE 6-4

OAK @ SD Nov. 26

After such a dissapointing season thus far, the Chargers will be looking to this game. Marty will plan for this game weeks in advance and LT will have a big game. Rivers will still make mistakes, but LT will win the game for SD.
LOSE 6-5

OAK vs. HOU Dec. 3

The good news after losing two straight divisional games is that we won't be facing Reggie Bush. Burgess will have a multiple sack game and the Texans will lose big in this game.
WIN 7-5

OAK @ CIN Dec. 10

After facing an easy opponent, the Raiders will have to face one of the most talented QBs in the league and he will be in fine form this time of the year. The Bengals will win.
LOSE 7-6

OAK vs. STL Dec. 17

Stephen Jackson scares me, but the Raiders will win this game. Art Shell will come down hard on the team, not wanting to fall to .500 and the team will respond by beating a talented Rams team.
WIN 8-6

OAK vs. KC Dec. 23

This time the Cheifs come into Oakland and get destroyed. The aging Cheifs will be tiring by this point in the season and the youthful Raiders will run circles around them.
WIN 9-6

OAK @ NYJ Dec. 31

The Jets are another team on the downward spiral. The Raiders will beat this team but the backups may appear in the second half if the Raiders build a big enough lead.
WIN 10-6

After ending the season at 10-6, people will finally realize that the Raiders Super Bowl hangover is gone. Will 10-6 get us into the playoffs? Maybe. Maybe not. Even if it doesn't, there are enough positives from having a winning season that the playoffs won't matter quite as much to the fans.

Check back tommorrow as I analyze Raider Rookie Michael Huff's chances at the illustrious defensive rookie of the year honors.


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