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Friday, July 21, 2006

Promise in the Horizon

Moss is going Deep
In this article by ESPN's John Clayton, Moss thinks that the mobility of Aaron Brooks will buy him time to get open and catch more deep balls. I definitely feel the same way and have been suprised that Moss's fantasy ranking has been so low. Most fantasy football sites have Moss as the 6th or 7th receiver off the board because of a couple of normal seasons but Aaron Brooks should be able to bring out the Randy Moss we all know and love.

NFL.com's Raiders Primer
I was reading the Raider's Primer on NFL.com and noticed what they said about Randy Moss under the heading "Will Art Shell make a difference?" They said Art Shell will have to "deal" with Randy Moss. Moss is not T.O., he was a solid player and didn't do any complaining last season and he has said all the right things this offseason. Moss respects Shell and has been very supportive of him as our Head Coach. Comments like those are completely unfounded. For someone to actually write that, means they have paid no attention to Randy Moss since his arrival in Oakland and don't do any research before writing articles.

Breakout Defenders
In SI writer Dan Pompei's article entitled Breakout Defenders, he names Tommy Kelly as a breakout defender at the defensive tackle position. He mentions the organizations confidence in Kelly as a major reason for allowing Ted Washington to go and says Kelly was not drafted because of a failed drug test at the combine but has had no drug problems as a pro. As Raiders fans, we've all seen the potential Kelly has flashed in the past but maybe it's his time to become a devastating force on the defensive line and put to rest our fears at the tackle position.

This article also got me wondering what other players that haven't acheived much yet could end up being "Breakout Defenders." I would say Morrison but one could argue that he broke out last season. I think an under the radar player other than Kelly that could emerge is Sam Williams. The main reason he hasn't yet is because of injuries. If he can stay healthy, he may become the player we've been missing since Eric Barton departed via Free Agency.


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