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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

AFC West Week 1 Matchups

Cincinnati at Kansas City
Sunday, Sept. 10
1:00 PM EST

Kansas City has a tough week 1 matchup now that we know Carson Palmer is healed and will play. Look for the Bengals to be very dominant in this game because of the potent offense and their defense's knack for creating turnovers

Cincinnati 34
Kansas City 10

Denver at St. Louis
Sunday, Sept. 10
1:00 PM EST

St. Louis has a potential to be a potent offense but Stephen Jackson will face a tough test against Denver's front 7 and Holt will be facing off against Champ Bailey. This could be a close game but the edge has to go to Denver

Denver 24
St. Louis 17

San Diego at Oakland
Monday, Sept. 11
10:15 EST

Both teams have numerous questions but look for Randy Moss to explode against this week secondary. Lamont Jordan may not have a great game because San Diego has a tough front 7 but our defense should be able to generate some turnovers off of some River's mistakes.

Oakland 17
San Diego 14


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