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Monday, September 18, 2006

Another Loss

Sunday's loss to Baltimore was bad but there are some positives to be taken out of the game. Here is a short list just to name a few:

1) We didn't get shut out.
Baltimore has one of the toughest defenses in the league and although we were not able to get the ball in the end zone, we scored 6 points. There were some other drives that went pretty well too before a turnover stopped it short. There are some things to build on now.

2) Janokowski hit a field goal outside of 50 yards.
Last year, Seabass missed all of the field goals he attempted outside of 50 yards and had a pretty rough season overall. Making two field goals may mean that the preseason was no fluke and Jano has fixed whatever was wrong last season.

3) Warren Sapp had two sacks.
Sapp is beginning to look more like the player we envisioned when we signed him as a free agent. His two sacks were against a strong offensive line and a mobile quarterback. Sapp is back.

4) The Defense looked strong.
Generally when a team scored 28 points on you it is hard to say this but our defense looked pretty solid overall. Our turnovers and a couple of special teams breakdowns made the game out of reach. Our defense should continue to improve as the season rolls along.

5) Andrew Walter is the Quarteback of our future.
I know he didn't have a statistically outstanding game, but if he gets more practice time with the first team offense and better protection, he could be a very dangerous Quarterback. A couple of his mistakes weren't really his fault and some of the others he will fix with more playing time and practice.

A week 3 bye is usually considered a bad thing but it should be a very beneficial thing for us this season. An extra week will give Walter more time to prepare and allow us to continue to make adjustments to our offense. Coming off of the bye we will face a couple teams (Cleveland and San Fransisco) that don't have as good of a pass rush as our first two opponents. These would be a couple of great games to get Andrew Walter and the offense in sync before we face Denver in week 6.

Don't panic yet Raider Nation, we could easily be 2-2 heading into Denver.


Blogger Calico Jack said...

The bye comes at an ideal time. Giving A-Dub 2 full weeks of practice with the 1st unit should get him ready for the Brownies.

9/19/2006 9:47 AM  

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