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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The Defensive Youth Movement

I decided to take a look at the youth movement our defense has been taking after hearing the recent news that Danny Clark is not expected to be our starting MLB this upcoming season. Anything prior to training camp is pure speculation but lets take a guess at whom our starters will be and then look at the average age of our starting defense.

The Defensive Line
DE- Derrick Burgess (5 years)
DE- Tyler Brayton (3 years)
NOTE: I am forecasting him as the starter with Johnstone most likely subbing in during passing situations
DT- Warren Sapp (11 years)
DT- Tommy Kelly (2 years)

Total years experience on the defensive line: 21
Average years experience on the defensive line: 5.25

Warren Sapp has 11 of the 21 years of experience on our defensive line. He is a perfect veteran for our younger lineman and ends to get some pointers from. Sapp isn't the player he used to be but he is still the most productive defensive tackle on our roster. This is our oldest area on our defense and at an average of just over 5 years of experience per player it is younger than a lot of other NFL teams. If Johnstone does end up being an every down end, it would increase this number quite a bit with his 10 years of experience.

The Linebackers
OLB- Sam Williams (3 years)
NOTE: 3 years but only 10 games.....
OLB- Thomas Howard (0 years)
MLB- Kirk Morrison (1 year)

Total years experience in the linebacking core: 4
Average years experience in the linebacking core: 1.34

This is a very young unit if it ends up being this way following training camp. If Clark does emerge back into the roster, his 6 years of experience would increase this number a little bit. Most likley it would be because Sam Williams get injured which would change our total years of experience in this group to 7 and the average to 2.34 which is still pretty young. This position has went from a weakness to a potential strength in a very short time. If we keep this unit together it should be solid for years to come.

The Defensive Backs
CB- Nnamdi Asomugha (3 years)
CB- Fabian Washington (1 year)
FS- Stuart Schweigert (2 years)
SS- Michael Huff (0 years)

Total years experience in the defensive backfield: 6
Average years experience in the defensive backfield: 1.5

The defensive backfield continues to grow more youthful. We now have 3 recent first round picks listed here. Asomugha and Washington have played solidly at the corners and should only continue to improve. Schweigert has played brilliantely and also made big mistakes. His consistency should improve with more experience. The biggest hole in our secondary should be filled by Rookie Michael Huff. Huff should be able to become the playmaker we need and his new 5 year deal will keep him here for a little while.

Total Years Experience: 31
Average Years Experience: 2.82

The bottom line is we have a young talented defense that should only continue to improve as they play together. If we can keep these guys together, we could have a dominant defense in a couple years. The only aged position is defensive tackle and that will most likley be addressed in the 2007 NFL Draft.

Interesting Fact: 2005 NFL Sack Leader, Derrick Burgess was the first to arrive at training camp yesterday.


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