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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Tuesday Report

Andrew Walter
Well it seems that Aaron Brooks will miss two weeks with his injury which will put Andrew Walter as the starting Quarterback against Cleveland in week 4. Shell said that Aaron Brooks is still the starter when he recovers from his injury.

Advice for Aaron Brooks: Hurry back if you want to keep your starting job. We have put the teams on our schedule with the best pass rush behind us and we should be able to throw the ball down the field against our next two opponents. Andrew Walter could have a very big day against the Browns. He should have adequate time to throw the ball and Randy Moss should be able to torch Cleveland's secondary.

You'll hear some people saying that Walter didn't look that great and that he threw three interceptions and they won't fear him. This will be their mistake. Two of his interceptions shouldn't have been. The pass to Whitted when he tipped the ball in the air shouldn't be on Walter and the pass to Morant where he didn't see the ball coming and didn't make a play for it shouldn't be on Walter either. The interception by Ray Lewis was a poor read and that one should be on Walter. Walter will get better as he faces more defensive looks, gets more practice with the first team and more comfortable behind the center.

If Walter has a good outing against the Browns, Shell needs to start him against the 49ers. That would give Walter two games against teams without a strong pass rush before heading into Denver. This would give him more confidence and give our entire team more confidence if he can get our offense rolling. I just hope he makes good progress and continues to look like the Quarterback of our future.

Lamont Jordan
What's up with Lamont this year? I know we've faced strong defenses but he needs to read his blocks better and not hesitate so much. He is a power back. He needs to find his hole and hit it hard. He hasn't had gaping holes to run the ball through but he isn't playing as well as we need him to play.

I think Jordan will be much better against the Browns and 49ers because of their defenses and I am hoping this builds his confidence. If we are going to try and salvage this season, we need Jordan to emerge as one of the elite backs in the NFL.


Blogger Ayman said...

Lamont I think is a lost cause. The reason he averaged 5.2 ypc with the jets is because of the o line not his talent.

As for Walter I think this is a good thing for the Raiders. Might keep them in some games now.

9/19/2006 1:31 PM  

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