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Monday, January 01, 2007

Disapointing end to a disapointing season

Well it's official. We are the worst team in the NFL this season which means it is finally time for us to look to our future. Here is a short list of things to think about this offseason.

Will Art Shell be our head coach in 2007?

Where will Randy Moss and Jerry Porter end up?

Will we honor the contracts of Ronald Curry and Lamont Jordan despite large bonuses in the horizon?

Who will be the first overall draft pick?

Some of these questions will be answered very shortly but others may linger a bit too long.
I think Art Shell will be our coach in 2007 but we will hire a new offensive coordinator and give him more control over the offense.

Randy Moss wanted to go to Atlanta when he signed with us so that is a possibility but Minnesota is also interested by all early reports. Jerry Porter on the other hand could go just about anywhere. He is unlikely to get a lot of attention due to his large contract and poor production.

The first pick in the upcoming draft is up in the air. I think Brady Quinn will end up dropping down a few picks but there are some other good possibilities out there like Joe Thomas, Calvin Johnson and Adrian Petersen.

Her is my outrageous prediction of the upcoming offseason. T.O will become a Raider. It has all the makings of an Al Davis move and he is more productive than Moss but may have an even worse attitude.


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