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Thursday, November 30, 2006

The long road to redemption

Last week's loss at San Diego was a tough one. We dominated them throughout the majority of the game and then fell apart in the fourth quarter. Our defense looked good as they have for the majority of the season and our offense continues to improve so there is hope for the future. The "forward pass" call by the officials was a tough call to take. By the rules, it may have been the correct call but if that is the case the rules need to be changed. Here is some food for thought: Is Nnamdi Asomugha actually becoming one of the top corners in the league? I think so.

The promoting of John Shoop to offensive coordinator was a good move. Tom Walsh struggled to adapt to our opponents defensive schemes and didn't call plays based on the abilities of our players. I am hoping that this move will provide a spark and maybe get Randy Moss "happy".

The poor performance of our team thus far has brought to light some questions for the upcoming offseason.

What do we do with Randy Moss?

He hasn't played well this season and he wants out of Oakland . Let's get him out of here. I think he still has some trade value and some team will give us more than he is worth. If we played our cards right we could have a couple of high first round picks in the draft.

What do we do with Jerry Porter?

I feel the same way about him as I do Moss. I think we should get him on the field more because, unlike Moss, he will actually play. If he finished the season strong, we may be able to get a decent player or draft pick for him

Is Lamont Jordan good enough to be our feature back?

The Jury is still out on this one. I realize he had over 1000 yards last season and was good out of the backfield but his yards per carry aren't where they need to be. I think some of this has to fall on the offensive line but I still don't know if he can be the guy. Fargas has looked good as a change of pace back but hasn't done much when given the oppertunity to start.

What do we look at in the draft next year?

That is a pretty tough call. If Moss and Porter both leave, we will need a Wide Receiver but we also have needs along the offensive line. There are usually decent offensive lineman around in the second and third rounds so we may wait on them. We could also use a defensive tackle. If we get two first rounders (Moss Trade) we could go after a Receiver and a Defensive Tackle in the first round, take an offensive lineman in the second and maybe look for a running back in the third. Another need is a good tight end but we have a couple of young players at the position that are starting to play a lot better so we'll have to wait and see how they perform for the remainder of this season.


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