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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Training Camp Continues

Today will mark the second day of two-a-day practices. As you can see in the photo, John Madden was present at camp. For more training camp photos check out the official raiders website.

The Raiders Training Camp blog has two articles posted yesterday. The first one is entitled The Shell Era is Underway and talks about some training camp observations. One thing I noticed was Shell is making the lineman run laps for jumping offsides. It's about time we had a coach that holds the players accountable for their mistakes. The other article posted yesterday is entitled All Present and Accounted For and talks about some more observations and notes. One noted here was that Porter isn't happy with the organization but plans on contributing what he could for the final two years of his contract. Another thing to note is that Fabian Washington intercepted a pass that bounced off of Randy Moss. Hopefully our defense can continue to force turnovers when the regular season rolls around.


Blogger Ayman said...

I know this isn't Raiders talk and it's almost sacreligous to ask you this but do you think Ty Law will help the Chiefs D?

Me personally I don't think he is going to make that big of an impact.

7/26/2006 8:56 AM  
Blogger The Analyzer said...

He is a good player but I don't think he'll help out too much against the Raiders. Moss still needs to be doubled and if they try to signle cover him with law, he will light up the scoreboard.

As for other teams, he should help some. He was productive last season but he could be more prone to injuries because of his age. The Cheifs really should have went after someone younger through a trade. If Holmes is serious about playing this year, they could possibly get a decent player for him in a trade. There will be some desperate team that thinks he could salvage their season.

7/26/2006 10:11 AM  
Anonymous Josh said...

TY Law Will definately help out the chiefs Defense he brings veteran leadership along with hard work to their secondary. He will definately be their number 1 corner due to the fact that he is great in coverage and he will step up and hit. However, when the chiefs play the Raiders Law will match up against the most talented receiver in the league, and despite Laws great coverage skills they wont be enough to keep up with Randy Moss, So i see the Chiefs doubling Moss the whole game(obviosly). THis is good for the Raiders though because it's one less person in coverage and then Aaron Brooks can get the ball to either Joey Porter, Ronald Curry, Lamont Jordan, or Doug Gabriel. So its Definately a pick your poison type of situation. Joey Porter is a Star, He's A number 1 Receiver playing in the 2 Spot. THen when you look at the match up of Moss Vs. Double-team and the 6'3 220 lbs Porter Vs. the 5'10 180 lbs Patrick Surtain in just single coverage-You get a huge mismatch. If Moss can Stay healthy-Which he normally does- and joey porter can continue to bring it, the Raiders offense is going to be Dynamic- extremely explosive- THey might even borrow the title from the Rams and be "The Greatest Show On Grass."So Law definately brings alot to the table for the chiefs, and despite his older age he will still be able to cover Most number 1 receivers in the league, but stopping the Raiders offense is going to be tough for the chiefs or whoever else. Randy Moss eeasily ignites that offense into top 10.

7/26/2006 3:02 PM  
Blogger The Analyzer said...

You mean Jerry Porter but we'll let that one slide. Joey is the Steelers LB.

I agree with your post though. It is a pick your own poison thing when trying to match up with the Raider's WRs. I'm hoping Curry overcomes his injuries and re-emerges this season. It would be great if Curry got comeback player of the year because that would also mean we had a QB step up and perform.

7/26/2006 3:25 PM  

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