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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Tuesday Training Tidbits

Raiders Training Camp News
In Jerry McDonald's most recent Training Camp Blog Entry, he talks about Shell not liking what he saw in Sunday's game. Shell will most likely work the starters hard this week to try and get them where he wants them to be. I would not be suprised if the starters perform much better against Minnesota on Monday.

In McDonald's report on the game he notes that the Eagles did have a few more days of practice and that may have accounted for why the Eagles first team looked a little bit sharper. Thomas Howard had a lot of problems covering Westbrook. What McDonald didn't note is that if it continues, Danny Clark could make his way back into the starting rotation and Morrison could get kicked outside.

Al Davis Interview
Did anyone catch Al Davis's "interview" with Adam Schefter? It was a pretty funny interview. The NFL network people were making a pretty big deal about it because they had never interviewed Davis but when they started the interview, Al spotted Jerry Jones and had a conversation with him instead all while Schefter stood there holding a microphone. It was a classic Al Davis moment. Schefter trying to squeeze questions in while Davis and Jones chatted. Check it out if you can find it but it's not listed on NFL.com.

Comments on the Game's Commentators
Did any one else feel any tension between John Madden and Chris Collinsworth after Collinsworth predicted the Raiders to be at the bottom of the AFC West again this season. Madden seemed to be a bit agitated and said something about how Collinsworth was only partially right about TO and seemed to argue with Collinsworth more throughout the halftime commentary about almost everything Collinsworth said. Way to stand up against the Haters Coach Madden!

Also I noticed a couple of mistakes by Al Michaels during the game. At one point he called Aaron Brooks Kerry Collins by mistake and he also called Marques Tuiasosopo by his father's name. Good thing there is a preseason for the commentators too.


Blogger Ayman said...

Chris Collinsworth is awful! But then again I can't stand listening to John Madden ramble on about absolutely nothing for 15 minutes at a time!

8/08/2006 8:08 AM  
Blogger The Analyzer said...

Madden has started rambling even more than he used to. I just think it is almost an advertising ploy because Madden's name is one of the best known in football history.

8/08/2006 8:16 AM  
Blogger Calico Jack said...

Grant Irons, Ryan Riddle, and Willie Buchanon looked good against the 2nd & 3rd team units.

8/08/2006 10:47 AM  
Blogger The Analyzer said...

They defintiely did. I was hoping our starters would look better though. Fabian Washington played well but we need our other starters to step up and play ball. I'm not really concerned yet because it's the first preseason game and we get 5 this year butthey need to show some progress this week against minnesota.

8/08/2006 11:03 AM  

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