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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Whats happening in the AFC West?

The AFC West has been a very difficult division to predict so far this season. There is only one team in the division that has been dominant and that is San Diego. But what does that mean? San Diego has looked like a very good team so far but they've only faced us and the Titans so far and neither team looked very good. Will San Diego and Rivers be able to hold up against teams that are playing much better? We'll have to see how Rivers handles the Ravens defense in week 4.

The Broncos are sitting at .500 but haven't looked anything like a Super Bowl contender yet. They had a loss against the St. Louis Rams who didn't score a single touch down and then they were only able to beat a Trent-Green-less Cheifs by a score of 9-6 in overtime.

The Chiefs offense has completely fallen apart this season leading them to a 0-2 start to the season. Trent Green's injury could put them into a hole they won't be able to climb out of.

We have also started off 0-2. We have some question marks along the offensive line and have played absolutely horribly in our first two games. The good news is that we may have put the toughest two defenses on our schedule behind us and our next two games are against the Browns and the 49ers. If we are going to turn this season around it has to start against Cleveland.


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