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Saturday, January 13, 2007

The Coaching Search and the Draft

The Search for the Next Head Coach

As coaching candidates continue to come and go, the real question become "Who is the right coach for our team?" Here is a short list of coaching candidates that I feel could have a positive impact on our team.

1) Rob Ryan
I know we could use a coach that has a great offensive mind but Rob Ryan is a great candidate due to the support he has from the players on our roster. Ryan has turned our defense into one of the youngest and most talented groups in the league and he would be a coach that shows passion and emotion on the sideline. The only drawback to Ryan as our Head Coach is that it could adversely affect the defense.

2) Steve Sarkisian
The main reason I have
Steve Sarkisian on this list is because Al Davis has an outstanding eye for young coaching talent and this is an Al Davis pick all the way. Sarkisian is young and unproven which will allow Davis to pull the strings and select the rest of the coaching staff and well as handle the personel decisions.

3) Denny Green
I think Green loves Al Davis and could be able to quiet Randy Moss down a little bit. Green isn't a bad coach and hasn't had a whole lot of success because of some of the situations he has been put in. He built a great team in Arizona and may be able to accomplish the same feat here.

A Draft of Possibilities

The first choice in the upcoming draft promises to be an interesting one. The choice will obviously be an offensive player but other than that, little will be known until the player selected is standing on the stage holding a silver and black jersey.

We are in need of many positions on our offense and Quarterback would be a likely choice if it wasn't against Al Davis's nature. We could see a Davis pick like WR Calvin Johnson here. He is a freakishly gifted receiver and we all know Al Davis might have a tough time passing him over.

If we do decide to go with a Quarterback the choices are Brady Quinn, Jemarcus Russell and Brian Brohm. I would be happy with Russell or Brohm but I have a feeling that Quinn may be a bust in the making.


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