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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Raider's Team Needs

With the draft and free agency approaching, it's time to take a peak at our needs this offseason.


After horrible seasons by both Andrew Walter and Aaron Brooks, it is time to start looking for a franchise Quarterback. The best option open to us for filling this position is the draft but there will be a few veteran QBs to take a look at like Carr, Leftwich, Plummer, Johnson and Schaub but the draft still remains the best route.

Running Back

Lamont Jordan has done little to prove that he has the talent to be more than a good backup. It may be time to give up on him and look for another option. I don't think the Chargers backup Turner is much of an improvement but we could always try to make a move on a star like Clinton Portis but we would have to part with more than we'd like to. There are also some decent options in the draft but other needs will most likely force us to fill other positions first.

*Wide Receiver

This is marked with an asterisk because it won't be as pressing of a need if we retain either Randy Moss or Jerry Porter which may be possible after the firing of Art Shell. There are no real number one receivers available in Free Agency this year so once again the draft becomes extremely important. Calvin Johnson would be a nice pick if we decide not to draft a Quarterback but that seems unlikely at this point of the offseason. Davis has been good at spotting later round receiver talent so maybe we can find next season's Colston to compliment Curry, Gabriel and Morant.

Offensive Line

The line is in such bad shape that it may not be salvaged in a single offseason. There are some decent Free Agents available but they might come with a high price tag. We already have quite a bit of youth along the line so Free Agency seems like the best way to go at this point. A tackle like Leonard Davis would go a long ways. The Raiders won't give up on the youngsters like Gallery that have underperformed thus far in their careers yet. Maybe a new coach and system will help them.........I think I've heard that one before.

Tight End

We have some unproven talent at Tight End so it won't be an extremely high priority this offseason but it is still a need. I think Anderson has regressed so much that he will give way to Madsen this year. Madsen made some nice plays in the receiving game but needs to improve his blocking skills if he is going to ever be a starter in the league. We also have journeyman Randal Williams on the roster but I'm hoping Madsen will be able to bolster a potentially weakened recieving core.

Outside Linebacker

We are set with Kirk Morrison and Thomas Howard but Sam Williams still scares me a little bit. He has had an injury prone past and it would be nice to be able to bring someone in to compete with him. I am keeping my eye out for Darnell Bing if we don't bring in someone. Bing was converted to linebacker from the safety position last season and looked decent during the preseason games. Maybe this year he will get his oppertunity. It would be nice to have three talented linebackers with four combined years in the league under their belts.


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